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Pure Drop Water Filter

The over the sink Pure Drop water filter is ideal for apartments and mobile home specially if your are tight in space. Its stylish stainless steel design gives your kitchen a special touch.With this unit you can have clean purified water 24 hours a day when ever your need it for less than a penny a gallon Read More

Under Sink Water Filter

The under sink UF water filter Pure Drop, its a perfect choice for condos or family homes, you can install it under the counter and it is hidden from view so it doesn’t disturb the impeccable look of your kitchen.

The housing is all stainless steel of high grade T304, and it uses a ultrafiltration Read More


Once you get one of our filters its built to last a lifetime, the only thing you need to change the cartridge every year or when you use the number of gallons for each specific water filter, each of our water filters come with a 50 year limited warranty, the diverter valve comes with a one year limited warranty Read More

How can you benefit with a water filter

Drink Pure Clean Water

You can refill the bottles or gallons and put them in the refrigerator to drink fresh cold water, If you do sports or go to the gim, you can fill those sport bottles and take it with you, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying expensive bottle water, that way you can save more money and also is very convinient.

Prepare Your Favorite Drinks

With the water filter now you can prepare your kids favorite mix drinks or natural drinks, make coffee, chocolate, etc. Now you will have crystal clear drinking water at your fingertips at anytime, you don’t have to be lifting those heavy bottles or collecting plastic bottles and you will have more room in your kitchen.

Prepare Your Meals

Now you can cook all your meals or wash your vegetables with the filtered water, imagine not having to deal with those bulky five gallon water jugs anymore.

You now filter whatever quantity of water you need and don’t have to be storing many gallons that uses to much valuable space in your kitchen.

Enjoy great tasting water 24 hours a day, no more bulky gallon and no more plastic bottles laying around, save space and the environment, be one of the millions that said no to bottled water.

Drink water from the filter

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About us

Here in Duramax we focus in high quality water filters that not only last longer but, also are very cost effective; now getting high quality water for your family doesn’t have to be so expensive.

Water is an essential element that keeps us alive and provides for our bodies many physical benefits. However, if the water is not pure and is full of contaminants, it loses its benefits and can do more harm than good. That’s where water filters come in as they are used to eliminate chemicals, bacteria, and other water pollutants.

How to make a water filter in the wild

Great water filter it is very compact, take no room in my sink.

Mary Stevens House wife

My wife is very happy that we got the water filter, the under sink, I hook it to my refrigerator, now we get filter water for cooking too.

John Stewart Waiter

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