About Duramax 


Here in Duramax we focus in high quality water filters that not only last longer but, also are very cost effective; now getting high quality water for your family doesn’t have to be so expensive.

Water is an essential element that keeps us alive and provides for our bodies many physical benefits. However, if the water is not pure and is full of contaminants, it loses its benefits and can do more harm than good. That’s where water filters come in as they are used to eliminate chemicals, bacteria, and other water pollutants.

There are so many different type of water filters in the market, that is so overwhelming to make up your mind to pick the right one, so what you need to have in mind in order to make the right pick?

  1.  What you need the filtered water for?  when choosing a filter you might need water for different purpose , like for only drinking or you also might want to cook with it, or you need to have soft water for laundry, for showering, for many other uses.
  2. What type of material is the filter made of? You can find plastic, fiber glass, stainless steel.
  3. where you want the unit to be placed?  You can place the filter in different parts of your home, it could be a whole house unit and under counter unit, counter top or a shower only.
  4. The life time of the water filter. Some water filters are disposable,  refurbishable and other systems are cartridge replaceable. 
  5. What type of water filter you want?  You can have a drip type, a portable, a pressure push and suction type like straw.
  6. What maintenance does it need? Back wash, replace cartridges, clean it or dispose. 
  7. The type of media filtration and how fine is the filtration. Could it be activated carbon block, ceramic, membrane, kdf, granulated carbon.
  8. You need to also consider price to make a balance, and that depend on your budget and also a bit of knowledge of the previous points. 

Having all those aspects in mind, then you can make a smart decision on which water filter is best for you, in Duramax we did took all this point in mind in creating the most reliable and quality water filter, you can have the peace of mind that the water your are going to be drinking fits the highest standards in the market.

Deciding what filter to buy

Before you buy a water filter take this points in mind