Pure Drop Ceramic Water Filter

The  counter top Pure Drop water filter is ideal for apartments and mobile home specially if your are tight in space. Its stylish stainless steel design gives your kitchen a special touch.

With this unit you can have clean purified water 24 hours a day when ever your need it for less than a penny a gallon.

The water filter has a ceramic and activated carbon block inside and it removes all those unwanted impurities an contaminants that may come in your tap water.

The crystal clear water that you get from this unit is ideal for those refreshing drinks, coffee, wash your vegetables and cooking your meals.

The filter housing its made of the highest T304 food grade of stainless steel, no plastic parts, it is made to last a lifetime.

And best of all is, with its wonderful price now your can afford to have a high quality water filter and own what thousands of people all over the world are enjoying.


  • Fills a gallon in no time. With the big all around filtration  surface you you get 45 gallons per hour it is about gallon in about one minute, it's about the same time it gets to fill a gallon from a fountain of bottle water.
  • Tastes great. With the carbon block an ceramic medium filtering you can assure that all impurities from the water including chlorine, rust, lead are removed from the water, the Pure Drop water filter will go from faucet to crystal clear 20x faster than any leading pitcher filter in the market.
  • Multipurpose. Stop using plane tap water, now use the great tasting clean water to prepare your meals,ice cubs, coffee, tea, natural juices, baby formula, pets, wash your face. With the long spout it is easy to refill gallon or wash your vegetables.
  • Best value for your money. Each cartridge can give you up to 2500 or a year of great alkaline tasting water, at a rate of 0.5 gallons per minute you pay pennies for gallon, huge savings if you are buying bottled water.
  • Specsoverall height 13" body diameter 2.25" base 3.75", all T304 stainless steel.


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